Time Capsules

Sure, we are miniscule, momentary flashes of thought on a grain of sand drifting through the cosmos. For the past few years, I started to have »

Life is Strange

Life is strange, we all know that, but I'm not gonna talk about life because I don't think I can ever fully understand it. Instead, I »

To kindle or not to kindle

I've been a bit obsessed with reading lately, mostly on Quora. The programming prodigy Adam D'Angelo is a genius, he left Facebook to create Quora, the »

I just got hit by DDoS

The Internet, heard of it? Transfers half a petabyte of data every minute. Do you have any idea how that happens? Every tech company needs a »

I just played Bastion

I rarely play any video games these past months, not that I don't like video game, I'm afraid that I will spend tons of hours playing »