To kindle or not to kindle

I've been a bit obsessed with reading lately, mostly on Quora. The programming prodigy Adam D'Angelo is a genius, he left Facebook to create Quora, the best place on the internet to ask or read answers from people who actually want to put some efforts to give good answers. The only thing that makes me a bit skeptical is that there are too many Indians (that one coming from India) filling questions and giving answers, especially those who think Quora is local Indian Q & A site.

Then I searched for alternatives, the other places I found were not as good. Reddit is mostly dull, Hackernews is mostly tech freak, Yahoo Answers is the dumbest. Instead of reading online articles & posts, I told myself to read book, the actual book, but I'm not a fan of books. The one thing that popped in my head was Kindle, that reading device from Amazon. I ordered a secondhand Kindle Paperwhite from local online marketplace which is really worth it.

Kindle is much more convenient to read books than on iPad or any other tablets, mainly because the E-ink screen. It can hold thousands of books and the battery can last very long (Amazon claims 8 weeks battery life with 30 mins per day usage ~ 28 hours), and no, you won't be able store photos or music, or checking Facebook post and retweets which kind of distractions.

Kindle Zero to One

The very first book that I read on Kindle is Zero to One by Peter Thiel who ACTUALLY built and ran multiple successful tech companies. I just read one-third of the book but it already made me think, primarily because he opposes the now popular Lean Startup-cult like with bold and logical reasoning.