I just got hit by DDoS

The Internet, heard of it? Transfers half a petabyte of data every minute. Do you have any idea how that happens?

Every tech company needs a networking guru.

It was 04.30 in the morning, I just ate for sahur and went to bed to get some sleep. Then there was a notification in my phone, then one more, and one more. One informed me that my server was down, then Linode (referral link) informed me that my server was being hit by DDoS attack. Seriously?

I've never experienced a single DDoS attack before, at least not this big. In a matter of minutes (or seconds?), it saturated the 1 Gbps line given by my provider. It didn't stop there, it attacked Linode network that my IP has to be null routed. For an hour I'm just sitting and hoping that the attack stopped, but It wasn't, It went for hours.

I took my first step, I changed the server IP but they're still attacking my server, probably one of my customer's website was being targeted by some attacker. After 6 hours, I decided to fight them, I signed up for DDoS protection service from X4B which promises me 10 Gbps of traffic and 6 millions packets per second. Then what? The DDoS protection layer went down. I brought up one more to fight them, It held the attack for hours, and after about 12 hours the attack stopped. It was a tiring day.

I think those DDoS attacks provide a significant percentage to half a petabyte of data transferred by the Internet, with the 300 Gbps attack towards Spamhaus as the biggest attack ever reported.