I just played Bastion

I rarely play any video games these past months, not that I don't like video game, I'm afraid that I will spend tons of hours playing video games which is pretty much useless for my future. I used to play console games, starting from Nintendo 8-bit (NES), PlayStation 1 & 2, and XBox 360. Now my consoles are in the shelf and my PC is out of operation for months. This situation leave my Mac as the only option which has limited game titles available.

So I downloaded Steam, bought Bastion, and played the game the whole day. This is what I'm afraid of.


In about ten hours the game ended. I feel relieved, really, I almost cried at the end of the game. It has such good story, nice visual, and excellent music.

"Our goal is to make games that spark your imagination like the games you played as a kid" - SupergiantGames

Yes, I kind of miss my early childhood time.